Features of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Full featured anti-virus suite keeps you protected!

Scan your computer for viruses, trojans, and worms.


Search engines are a top target for today's cyber criminals, who are able to manipulate their results in order to deliver malware. AVG scans search results for malicious websites and marks any malicious links for your protection.


Lets you know if any spyware or adware is running so you can stop them.

HTTP Scanner

Works while you are browsing the web. 98% of malware is received through HTTP traffic. AVG filters out websites and scripts flagged as malicious by our team and global databases.


Protects against today's sophisticated malware threats.


Everyday home computer users are subject to thousands of break-in attempts. AVG blocks any attempts to compromise your computer through its firewall feature.

Get All These Features and More With AVG Anti-Virus
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