AVG Free Identifies Rogue Social Networking Downloads

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AVG Technologies, which develops the popular Free Anti-Virus AVG, has researched today the findings of rogue antivirus on social networking sites such as facebook. AVG indicated that the AVG software found and blocked more than 300,000 rogue applications last weekend.

“This latest issue really underscores how powerful, while at the same time vulnerable, social networking applications are. This attack was actually stunning in terms of scale,” said Roger Thompson, AVG’s Chief Research Officer. “Facebook is very responsive to threats when we identify them, and removing these applications as soon as they find them, but they’re still able to generate huge traffic, just because of the viral nature of social networks. It is staggering how many threats were propagated before they were stopped.”

The attack was pushed using an image of a woman in a bikini.  The same ad-supported viewer has been seen in other forms the previous week.  AVG is set to automatically detect such anomalies and report to security researchers who can investigate the matter further.

AVG’s server had detected more than 200,000 of the particular threat.  Later that number dwindled down to only a couple hundred per day.  Just when the AVG Free team thought that the threat would cease, all indications pointed to the nefarious group ramping up to do another fresh campaign.

While AVG understands the powerful uses of social networking and believes they should not be given up, AVG recommends some basic security checklists that users can perform.

  1. Make sure you use AVG LinkScanner technology when browsing social networking sites so that you will be able to see which links are good and which may be unsafe.
  2. Make sure you download AVG Free updates regularly and keep your other software updated as well.


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