AVG Antivirus 2014 Edition Review

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AVG Antivirus was created by AVG technologies in 1991, and now has a 2014 version of their flagship product.  Although a great piece of software, the test results show that AVG is not the absolute best at detecting malware, but is rated as great for the value.

The layers of protection given by AVG include matching with a known threat database, resident shield, and data sharing among users of AVG to find new threats.  You will also be protected from threats on websites and social media where many malicious links can be shared easily.

With AVG, you really do have free antivirus still, but you will be tempted to purchase the optional add-ons.  In the area of actual threat detection, AVG detects about average, scoring higher than Norton but being edged out by Bitdefender and Malwarebytes.

Where AVG really shines is on freshly installed computers that do not have any malware.  Most antivirus will slow down the rest of your system and seem like a virus in itself, but AVG is very light on resource usage and will very effectively eliminate threats before they can be ran.

The only thing we were not pleased with was the AVG toolbar which will clutter up web pages that you browse.  While the web based threat protection is a plus, we found that it got in the way and seemed more like a way to push advertisements instead, which cannot be de-coupled from the toolbar threat detector.

In summary, though AVG does have small flaws, we recommend the free software over most others.  The 2014 edition does not have any fundamentally different changes between the previous version, but is an incremental improvement.


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best antivirus ever

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best I have found

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thanks for free avg download

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